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Analyzing the Daily

Analyzing the Daily cannot be easier using the Speed Index to find out Change in Behavior and Effort vs. Result comparing the volume waves vs. the pip waves.

In the examples below, please pay attentions to the following:

  1. Location of Price meaning Support/Resistance or Fib Level.

  2. Change in behavior of Speed Index at levels compared to previous Speed Index numbers

  3. Volume Wave vs. Pip Wave.

Once you see a Speed Index that stands out drill down to the 1HR or 4HR charts to analyze and confirm a possible trade set up. In the examples below I am annotating the changes in the behaviour of the Speed Index and not the Speed Index or Plutus and Plutus Reversal patterns which are a must for an entry on the 1HR and 4HR timeframes.


  • Please read the annotations on charts  

Analyzing Daily Charts 1
Analyzing Daily Charts2
Analyzing Daily Charts 3
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