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Wychoff Signals 

“Wychoff's Up-Thrust and Spring Patterns are confirmed by Plutus Speed Index Patterns ”.


Plutus patterns  confirm:

  • David Weis's theory of Effort vs. Result 

  • Wychoff 's Theory of Accumulation and Distribution Phases (Spring and Upthrust)

This is the Magic of Speed Index patterns, providing accurate entry points


Wyckoff Up-Thrust signal is designated by signal WU and an SI number   ex.  WU 21.5

Wyckoff Spring signal is designated by signal WS and an SI number   ex.  WS 45.5


  • Please read the annotations on charts.

WS 23.2 Spring , Effort vs. Result! 150 pips from entry to resistance level.

Wyckoff Spring 150pips

WU 21.2 Upthrust , Effort vs. Result! 160 pips from entry to support level.

Wyckoff Up-Thrust 160 pips

WU 19.8 Upthrust , Effort vs. Result! 560 pips from entry to support level.

Wyckoff Up-Thrust 560 pips

Upthrust , Effort vs. Result, Plutus Reversal Short, Test and down we go!!!

WS 11.4 + PRL Spring , Effort vs. Result! 104 pips from entry.

Wyckoff Spring+PRL

WS 6.6 + PRL Spring ,  280 pips from entry.

Wyckoff Spring + PRL

WU 6.0 + PRS Up-Thrust ,  163 pips from entry.

Wyckoff Up-Thrust + PRS

WU 10.7 + PRS Up-Thrust , 121 pips from entry.

Wyckoff Up -Thrust + PRS

Note: All signals are to be considered at specific structure locations, make sure you request your free training.

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