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Get ready for a lot of Pip moves this week. To Monitor or Enter on Monday open.

These are some probable trades.

NZDUSD-That is an entry on Monday Open, textbook entry. We have an exit from range with PL after ranging for a couple of days on significant Fib area.

AUDCAD-Abnormal SIs at a very significant support level - to monitor and wait for the Exit

GBPNZD-Abnormal SI at top on 4HR tick - To monitor - Most probably short !!!

GBPCAD-This could result in a Wyckoff Spring. Vip Members are aware of the textbook formula. No Entry yet the down wave is still forming. Just monitor , activate Rectangle Break indi and wait for the alert.

EURAUD - Wyckoff Up-thrust was formed - the only problems that we did break that pin on the let and Fib is close. But I think it is worth a small risk to trade it.

USDCAD - I am already short based on the following:

1. Fib 61.8

2. HTMU with 39.0 SI

3. HTMU with 30.8 SI

4. PRS more ...

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