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July 2023 Financial Report. How much can you grow your equity with less than 50% success rate?

Well, there is no accurate answer to the above question but you can grow your equity for sure. The below stats are my actual results for July 2023, not a good month as far as the success rate but excellent on the equity growth. These results prove that even with a bad success rate you can grow your equity. I heard a scalper once say that with 20% success rate he was growing his equity. Is it feasible ? Yes it is --------->>>>>>> money management-RR ratio

Let's Analyze

Profit Factor = profit/loss =1.73 not bad, I average about 1.6

Drawdown= 13.9% a bit high should be less than 5%, ideally 3%. This is were you move your stop loss thinking that price will hit the next level (sup/res/fib) and turn in your favor, wrong!!! I still have to improve this, that's my weakest point.

Total Trades = 68 which means about 3 per day with my trading methodology on 1HR charts I consider between 2-6 per day to be ok, more than 6 you might be overtrading.

Profit Trades= 39.71% which means that the nice RR and proper placing of stop-loss and target did most the work.

Consecutive profit = 4

Consecutive loss= 6

I hope this helps your psychology and trading.

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