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Learning to read the chart is not easy, but if you do then everything makes sense, USDJPY 260 pips!

As I always say every chart has a story to tell, let's read this story!

The story (1 Hr approximate tick chart):

  1. We are up trending

  2. A hard to move up wave is identified by an Abnormal SI of 14.6 at the top - No other SI like that on all the up waves of the up trend.

  3. Largest down waves after some time - after the HTMU wave - this confirms that sellers have gotten control since the HTMU wave

  4. Down waves are larger than the up waves

  5. Retracement to Fib

  6. Hitting Fib several times and getting sell signals.

  7. Last signal is a Wyckoff Up-thrust on Fib Area and down we go again

that's the tip to my Discord channel yesterday

and this is my trade on TF chart (it cannot be shown on a tick chart)

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