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Making Money while swimming (many, many pips)

YK spotted this trade just before leaving for my vacation and after analyzing conlcuded that YK was right. Excellent work YK!

Let's see why:

  1. We have hit a Major Resistance coming from the Daily chart. Several times price retested this level and could not break it.

  2. Price had very hard time to reach that level- High Volume Wave but without the respective Pip move.

  3. High SI of 31.1 close to the top.

So entered short - 1st and 2nd orders were closed at 205 pips each (visible on chart). The 3rd order is still running currenlty at 310 pips. Now we have hit a Fib area coming from the Daily chart. Maybe it's time to close the 3rd order too -there were buyers at 61.8 , but let's see.

Enjoy your summer pips!



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