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NZDCHF - Multiple Long Patterns - Entered Long - 1st Target Hit

Our Story:

  1. We have hit support coming from Daily and overshooted 16 pips

  2. Plutus Reversal Long with SI ratio 51.1/11.2 >2

  3. Plutus Reversal Long with SI ratio 21.6/9.0 >2

  4. Buyers at the bottom

  5. More Buyers pushing before the break

  6. Plutus Long with SI ratio 12.6/5.8 >2

  7. Plutus Reversal Long 95.3/26.0 >2

So entered Long this morning considering the above background , a bit late (order visible on chart) , 1st target set between 50 and 61.8 Fib. The first target was hit with 30 pips profit , stoploss of 2nd and 3rd order moved to break even. Now let's see the reaction on Fib.

This is the FOLLOW strategy "Let them do what they have to do and then FOLLOW"




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