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To Monitor -Week 50 looks very promising!!!

Lot's of pairs at significant locations promise a very interesting week. These are some of them:

EURUSD has touched a resistance level within a Fib zone. EUR has been strong the location is excellent to find some resistance. We have an Abnormal SI but it is still forming therefore no entries on the Daily. Details and entries Short or Long on the 1HR chart coming up this week.

EURAUD - Another interesting pair ranging on a Fib area. AUD has been very weak but it seems that it has been getting some strength last week.

EURCAD - CAD being the weakest of all. A nice up trend of 1500 pips, if it is to find resistance the place is coming up . But so far nothing abnormal , patience there is still room for the uptrend..

GBPUSD - Also at significant level Resistance + within FIB with high SI on the last wave 69.4 but still forming. Stay tuned on your 1HR charts.

GBPJPY - The story : second time hitting Fib with high SI. Look for reversal signs on the 1HR chart.

AUDNZD - This an 1HR chart and a Wyckoff Spring formation. You can see my order already placed. AUD has been very weak and was in a huge downtrend of 900 pips vs NZD. This is the first sign of strength, but the level can be retested, a down trend like that does not change that easy. We had buyers at bottom "B" and then the sellers at top "S" and then more move volume probably buyers as we started pulling back but not sure yet "?"

NZDUSD - Resistance + 61.8 Fib+ High SI (still forming) - Analyze on 1HR to see if the high SI will explode upwards or reverse.

NZDJPY - Fifth time on the same Resistance level with High SI - Analyze on 1HR

CADJPY - Approaching Fib + Support . Last Wave (forming one ) with large volume but no pip move. There are still 100 pips to get to 50 Fib and more for support. More obvious on the 1HR we are ranging for 6 days, therefore we are looking for an Exit from Range signal.

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1 Comment

Looks very interesting. Looking forward to next week

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