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To Monitor wk21 2022

These are some of my forecasts after reading my charts

CADJPY is coming from an Abnormal SI from Daily which has retraced to Fib and now on the last two bars the wave-line cannot touch properly yet but if it does it is going to another Abnormal SI. On the the tick below is the forecast for Short - Immediate entry on Monday and 1st Target at least to Support around 120 pips.

NZDCAD is Bullish we had a HTMD wave and then a PL , Forecast is Long is we break that resistance

EURJPY - We have retraced to FIB after a large down waves and the reaction on 61.8 was a PRS. Now on the forming up wave it looks like we are have a hard time (but still Forming) - Forecast is Short.

GBPUSD - Just waiting for the Exit - Hopefully with Plutus signal

AUDCAD Coming from a hit at support with buyers at the bottom and then we have hit FIb and found some sellers after the Fib break but I believe we will continue up.



Thanks Takis...I can bet, if someone just looks at your chart outlook..he can make enough pips this week..!!

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I hope so, with the proper money management somebody can make lot's of pips. If not then is doing something very wrong.😉


Thank you for your support!

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Glad to help out!

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