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To Monitor wk22 2022

Have to be a bit more careful because Monday is Memorial day in US and a lot of positions have been closed on Friday plus we will not see the market move much on Monday during US session.

NZDJPY 1HR tick chart - First Abnormal SI 24.0 after hitting Fib - this could also be closing positions - therefore just monitor - no entry yet

USDCAD1HR tick chart - No trade yet just monitor because we are at Support and also entered significant Fib area.

EURCAD 1HR tick chart - Abnormal SI on Fib - just monitor next waves no entry

AUDJPY 1HR tick chart - It looks like as we approach Resistance SIs are increasing therefore probably having a Hard time to move up but let's see happening - no entry yet

AUDCAD- 1HR tick - I will not comment on the pattern, my VIP members know exactly what that is. I have marked the entry and the 1st target for Short for sort terms but my bias is Long for long term.

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