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To Monitor Wk4 - Possible Trades Coming Up !!!

Reading the market and preparing your next trade is half of the success. As I always say " Smart Money need time to absorb orders", therefore we have plenty of time. A little homework before jumping to the fighting ring.

EURJPY: at significant Fib Level and a High SI on the last wave, plus a fast SI on the last up wave. For people who know this could form a W............................ but still forming, nothing is confirmed. Patience!!!

EURNZD : Coming after a Fib+Res hit at the top a downtrend/pullback has started. Looking at the current area we could be forming a PRS (not formed yet) on the the Fib break and then heading for Support. Wait for it.

GBPJPY : On Resistance with high SI but still forming - Patience. Mark the area with the Rectangle Break indi to inform you.

GBPCAD: Classic Entry from Friday - Exit from Range with PS - Immediate entry Short if your not already. Stop Loss and Target marked.

GBPNZD : That's another Friday entry that PVR forecasted with probable Sellers at Res Level and Plutus confirmed with a Wyckoff Up-Thrust signal WU 5.3 covering 180 pips. We are probably going to continue down.

GBPAUD: Not much to say Copy/Paste of GBPNZD

Of course there more opportunities for WK4 but I will let you find them yourself. Enjoy!!!



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