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27/1/23, 7:24 π.μ.

TD Dev200x200.png

I wanted to have Weis wave indicator in my charts and I decided for this indicator because additional features that it offers. Actually I changed the platform just to get Weis wave indicator and I decided for MT5. MT5 has its flaws, so I would rather recommend others to choose MT4 if they have to made the same decision. Support for this indicator is exelent. Takis is always available for help and he is answering any questions. And personal private teaching from Takis is also very valuable. Beside that you get access to private discord group where trade opportunites are shared and also other discussions regarding Weis wave. I would like to thank Takis for his help and support.

S Mikhail


6/12/22, 10:53 π.μ.

TD Dev200x200.png

Very pleased with the purchase. The two hours training with Takis are extremely valuable, and it does not stop at that. He has created a Discord community where he shares a lot of tips and explain the rational behind some of the trades he takes. That means we are getting continuous education to improve our skills using the indicator. He also shares some of his own trades with us which he does not have to do. Highly recommended if you are serious about improving your manual trading. Thanks a lot Takis for all your efforts. Highly appreciated



21/6/22, 3:15 μ.μ.

TD Dev200x200.png

For me this was a Ahaa moment. The indicator helped me understand Wyckoff methodology in a better way and it provides you most of the times a early warning signal when analysing trading ranges on 1hr timeframe. The plutus signals are kickoff from phase D, the jump across the creek or the fall through the ice. Accompanied with the two hours teaching of Takis, his rectangle warning tool and the Discord group, you have another set of tools that gives you a better reward percentage in you trading. Make no mistake, this isn't a set and forget indicator with a signal! You have to read the background of the chart yourself and validate the signals and or tune the indicator sensitivity. This must be done for each currency pair. That takes practice and patients and time.
Thanks for the tools Takis and the ongoing support and sharing on Discord!


United States

24/2/22, 3:53 μ.μ.

TD Dev200x200.png

I have been learning the Wyckoff method for the past 3 years but like others I jumped around to other things. I also worked on an algo for two years too because I found my trading to be too inconsistent. Finally, last November I bought this indicator focused more on Weis wave along with price wave and my skills really improved. Day-trading using Wyckoff can be challenging at times and you don't have much time to think about a trade. Sometimes you get confused when you are tired. Weis wave is a great visual aid that has helped me immensely. I bought the package that includes 1:1 training with Panagiotis. He really helped to scale my risk and reward and also worked on psychology of my trading. He has created two different VIP groups. One where he shares the signals and analysis and other where by he impart training and learning on the go. I've actually day traded forex and indices using Weis wave and seems to be so easy with Speed Index and Plutus signals. I learned that we can even catch breakouts the day before they happen. I can't thank Panagiotis enough for creating this fabulous, real-time indicator suite! All I can say welcome to the world of stress-free trading..



7/1/22, 10:45 π.μ.

TD Dev200x200.png

The indicator is just the tip of the iceberg. The real value is the education you get for the price of the indicator. I highly recommend it and thank you!



6/1/22, 8:44 π.μ.

TD Dev200x200.png

Best indicator for wyckoff method implementation. MR Takis provided help to read market using this indicator. Before this indicator , I've spend a lot of time to implement Wyckoff method but no success.

highly recommended system !



4/1/22, 7:34 μ.μ.

TD Dev200x200.png

This is the best indicator I have ever seen. This indicator changed the way I trade and my life. I recommend all traders to buy it.

Meshach Williams

United Kingdom

6/12/21, 11:33 π.μ.

TD Dev200x200.png

The Weis Wave indicator created by the Takis is the best indicator I have ever come across. If you understand Wyckoff and combine it with Weis Wave indicator it will improve your trading dramatically. It helps you enter trades with more confidence and precision and can assist you to exit trades. Taki's knowledge about the forex market is superb and his support for his clients excellent.



14/10/21, 10:54 π.μ.

TD Dev200x200.png

A very good and accurate indicator for sure !
I was trying to use VSA with some indicators since a long time, but never easy for me.
This method is very simple and very well explained , easy and accurate and now I am more quiet when I take a trade.
An highly recommended system !



21/9/21, 11:03 π.μ.

TD Dev200x200.png

This is Not just only indicator but its a system.The method is easy as i can use it after watching the videos.The accuracy is very good .My first 8 trades result are 6TP and 2BE. The VIP chatroom is like the study group with daily signal.Highly recommend!!! You wont look at the chart the same again



3/8/21, 6:59 π.μ.

TD Dev200x200.png

This indicator, for sure, was one of the best I have ever purchased.
Very easy to use.
After choosing the asset and the direction I want to enter the market, I check if the indicator confirms my strategy.
If it shows divergence I immediately cancel the trade.
Similarly, I am very reassured when the market goes in the opposite direction after I am in the market.
If it is a simple correction, the indicator will tell me and then I can continue trading.
If it is something more severe, then I close my positions.
All this, with a simple reading of the indicator.
Other than that, I have to mention the author's website.
It presents a lot of useful information and daily market analysis.
In them you can see that the author really uses this tool for his daily trading.
This increases the credibility of the product even more.
Finally, the author is very accessible.
Whenever I needed his support, I was promptly attended to.
I would definitely recommend this indicator.
It is worth the investment.



25/3/21, 8:20 μ.μ.

TD Dev200x200.png

I agree with all the testimonials that have been written here about the indicator it is indeed a great tool.
What separates this from all other indicators is that in 2021 Takis introduced a live blog where he posts his trades and comments on upcoming opportunities. This is an incredibly valuable addition as Takis not only talks about his trades but educates all his clients as to the best way to use the indicator. Most other vendors are happy to sell you an indicator and that's it but Takis is online every day posting charts and talking about upcoming trades.
I have never come across anyone who will do this - probably because they're not successful traders themselves but programmers. Takis is a successful trader and is hell bent on making all his clients successful as well. Do yourself a favour and join his trading community it's well worth it.

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