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21/9/21, 11:03 π.μ.

TD Dev200x200.png

This is Not just only indicator but its a system.The method is easy as i can use it after watching the videos.The accuracy is very good .My first 8 trades result are 6TP and 2BE. The VIP chatroom is like the study group with daily signal.Highly recommend!!! You wont look at the chart the same again



3/8/21, 6:59 π.μ.

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This indicator, for sure, was one of the best I have ever purchased.
Very easy to use.
After choosing the asset and the direction I want to enter the market, I check if the indicator confirms my strategy.
If it shows divergence I immediately cancel the trade.
Similarly, I am very reassured when the market goes in the opposite direction after I am in the market.
If it is a simple correction, the indicator will tell me and then I can continue trading.
If it is something more severe, then I close my positions.
All this, with a simple reading of the indicator.
Other than that, I have to mention the author's website.
It presents a lot of useful information and daily market analysis.
In them you can see that the author really uses this tool for his daily trading.
This increases the credibility of the product even more.
Finally, the author is very accessible.
Whenever I needed his support, I was promptly attended to.
I would definitely recommend this indicator.
It is worth the investment.



25/3/21, 8:20 μ.μ.

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I agree with all the testimonials that have been written here about the indicator it is indeed a great tool.
What separates this from all other indicators is that in 2021 Takis introduced a live blog where he posts his trades and comments on upcoming opportunities. This is an incredibly valuable addition as Takis not only talks about his trades but educates all his clients as to the best way to use the indicator. Most other vendors are happy to sell you an indicator and that's it but Takis is online every day posting charts and talking about upcoming trades.
I have never come across anyone who will do this - probably because they're not successful traders themselves but programmers. Takis is a successful trader and is hell bent on making all his clients successful as well. Do yourself a favour and join his trading community it's well worth it.



23/3/21, 7:37 π.μ.

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I stumpled upon the Wyckoff methodology a couple of months ago. I initially used another Weis Wave indicator alongside the books by David Weis. But it didn't go very well. The addition of the Speed Index indicator, the Progressive Volume Rate indicator and access to the community is what you are actually paying for in my humble opinion. Entering the authors community and trading alongside them and the author is a next-level thing. You get a real understanding of how the markets behave, and not just how a, say, RSI or MACD indicator works. I haven't left these other indicators behind, but they are only used on special occasions, whereas the framework by tradethevolumewaves is the core of my trading now. Even though I am still struggling with my stoploss technique, the succesrate using the authors framework has increased. So I am very happy about this.


United Kingdom

8/2/21, 6:18 μ.μ.

TD Dev200x200.png

The original Weis Wave (from its inventor, the late David Weis) was considered, by many, to be the best kept secret in Trading Technical Analysis. What Panagiotis, from TD Development, has done is to take a superb indicator; and make it BETTER! The original indicator only showed the Volume Waves unfolding, while notating the actual accumulated volume in each wave. The Weis Wave indicator, from TD Development, provides the same information, but adds TIME (the number of bars in the wave) and PRICE MOVEMENT (the number of Pips / Ticks in the wave). In Wyckoff's original course, he introduces the concept of Wave Charts, and uses all three elements to determine where price may go next. Panagiotis has also added his SPEED INDEX, which measures the EFFORT in a wave, compared to the RESULT – another key Wyckoff concept. And with the Speed Index, he has developed the PLUTUS trade strategy. So, the TD Development 'Weis Wave with Speed Index' indicator is a must have for any trader wishing to adopt the Wyckoff principles in their trading. The support provided is also first rate, with strategy documents, trade set-ups and a library of educational 'How To' videos. All-in-all, a first rate, and highly recommended, indicator, and accompanying service.



8/1/21, 11:46 π.μ.

TD Dev200x200.png

The tools and mentoring takis provides will help you immensely in becoming a successful wyckoff operator in a practical sense. Many wyckoff practitioners sell wyckoff method in a classical which is not of much use in practical sense. The speed index and patterns based on speed index have a high probability of working.

Melvin Ngobeni

South Africa

21/9/20, 9:47 π.μ.

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I really like this Indi(Weise wave). it is the best thing that ever happened to the Markets.
I used to spend too much time looking at the charts but since i started using the strategies on this site i have learned to be patient and wait for proper set ups that actually have proved to be profitable.
Also after doing my analysis i use the plutos strategy to confirm my bias.
There is enough resources on this site to make anyone knowledgeable and profitable in themarkets.



2/9/20, 3:51 μ.μ.

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Panagiotis' work, in my opinion, is the best work done on a weis wave indicator, due to its flexibility and amount of information, such as filter, weighting, speed index and automatic difference.
I have used it in forex, futures and shares on B3 Bolsa Brasileira.
It is certainly worth the investment that a single trade using the indicator in the correct way is able to recover the amount invested.
I became a fan of Panagiotis' work, not only for the indicator, but also for all the content and forecast that he publishes on his blog."

Jason Nicholls

United Kingdom

23/8/20, 10:58 π.μ.

TD Dev200x200.png

I have been using the indicators for over 1 month now. They have proved invaluable to me and this month I have had a greater then 65 % profitable success rate on my trades and an overall monthly R.O.I of 19 % . Takis the author of the indicators is an extremely knowledgeable and successful trader and is very happy to help his customers. I have purchased lots of indicators along my trading journey, these are by far the best and Takis will go beyond the call of duty to help you succeed . I highly recommend.



12/8/20, 7:43 π.μ.

TD Dev200x200.png

Takis is a successful trader and these indicators are the fruits of his battle-field tested trading experience. I am grateful that he developed these indicators and share them with other traders. Chart reading is extremely hard and these indicators really help a lot in providing clarity to chart reading and improve the trades wins. More importantly, Takis is a generous man who provides great support and guidance when you run into difficulties in using these indicators to read charts. With his help and sharings, I get to learn valuable lessons from his trading experience. His willingness to share his trading experience and offer his guidance is priceless. I am very grateful to know him in this journey.