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Strategy 5 - The Fake Break Patterns

This strategy uses four false break patterns two for Long and two for Short  for high profits
PFS - Plutus Fake Short  and PFBS - Plutus Fake Break Short = short signals

PFL- Plutus Fake Long  and PFBL - Plutus Fake Break Long =long signals

Usually a strong fake break move occurs at a significant levels .

Long Trades with PFL xx.x pattern


Long Trades with PFBL pattern

GBPCAD..tickM1 01 PFBL 157 pips.png
GBPNZD..tickM1 01 PFBL 177 pips.png

Short Trades with PFS xx.x pattern


Short Trades with PFBS pattern

GBPJPY..tickM1 01 PFBS 384 pips.png
EURUSD..tickM1 01 PFBS 100 pips.png

Note: All signals are to be considered at specific structure locations, make sure you request your free training.

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