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Wave Anatomy
Constructing your own Waves has never been easier!!!

Wave Anatomy Chart


This indicator is based on Wyckoff’s, David’s Weis and my Speed Index Theory. This indicator will you help analyze what is happening in 5 Price Waves that you can construct yourself. This tool is designed for scalpers and swing traders and will help them to analyze any wave on any timeframe at the same time. Furthermore, this tool is very useful to Elliot wave traders trying to identify wave numbering and turning points.
It can be used on any kind of chart and instrument that has price, volume and time like regular timeframe charts, tick charts (constant volume charts), renko and range bars.

The information provided by this indicator will give you an edge to understand when price has difficulty moving as well as ease of movement. Comparing the cumulative pip lines with the cumulative volume lines in combination with Speed Index will provide you a better understanding why Price moved in one or the other direction. 

Analyze Fibonacci Retracements

Analyzing Fib Retracement.png

Wyckoff Up-Thrust

Wyckoff UpThrust.png

Wyckoff Spring

Wyckoff Spring.png

Analyze Exit From Range 

Analyze Exit from Range

Analyze Waves Cut up to 5 Pieces
Example shows Wave 1 cut in two pieces and Wave 2 cut in three pieces

Waves cut in 5 pieces

Available for MT4 & MT5

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