Forex Trader - Panagiotis Diamantopoulos

After many years of losses as  a retailer trader changing from an indicator to another I have stumbled across David's Weis theory  which really made sense very simply because nothing moves without volume in the financial markets.  I started trading with any Weis Wave indicator that I could find but again the results were not that good, there was something missing. This is when I decided to create my own. I created a new advanced volume wave indicator adding to it the powerful Speed Index and then the pip wave indicator. These two tools helped  me to understand and be able to read the charts, turn losses to profits and not just trade because "this line crosses this line" or because this indicator says so. Therefore the system offered will not tell you when to buy or when to sell, it will teach you how to read the charts.

Since then I decided to assist retail traders with 12 yrs of knowledge, giving them a look into the huge untapped market, all while ensuring financial success.  I’m here to teach you how to read the market  using two simple tools by analyzing price and volume and to ensure that your financial present and future are on the path to success.

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