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Trade The Volume Waves - TTVW

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Forex Trader - Panagiotis Diamantopoulos

After many years as a retail trader chopping and changing from one indicator to another I happened upon David Weis's theory. His theory really made sense to me because it is based on volume and I believe that nothing moves in financial markets without volume. Initially I started trading with any Weis Wave indicator that I could find but once again the results weren't that good. It seemed to me that there was something missing so I created my own version, an advanced volume wave indicator to which I added my proprietary indicators: the Speed Index and Pip Wave. 

Adding these two tools enabled me to read the charts and showed me that what I thought previously were random market movements could be analysed and understood. Using these simple tools to read the markets helped me to turn losses into profits, showed me when I should and shouldn't trade and not to trade just because "this line crossed this line" or some arrow randomly pops up based on lagging information. This system does not tell you when to buy or sell, it actually teaches you how to read the charts and understand what is moving the price and in which direction.

Armed with this knowledge and my 13 years of experience I decided to make my indicators public and assist retail traders to become profitable and enjoy financial success. I'm here to teach you how to read the market using two simple tools that analyse price and volume, the exact same tools that I use to take the trades that I post in my blog and to highlight potential trades that I think may come to fruition.

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