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What I Offer

A Trading Methodology originally developed by the master David Weis altered and improved  to fit any market needs using volume and price analysis. The powerful Speed Index makes it an Easy Trading methodology which has been developed to help retail traders identify when the Smart Money is active, what their intentions are and finally follow them to success. Legal Copyright of my work can be found here Copyright.


Metatrader platform

Indicators for MT4 and MT5 platforms

  • Weis Wave with Alert and Speed Index  creating and analyzing  waves. Powerfull Speed Index Patterns "Plutus,  Plutus Reversal, Wyckoff Spring and Up-thrust". This is an All In One indicator since you select out of 5 different wave types. Available wave types: Volume, Pips, Progressive Volume Rate, Time and Emphasized Volume.

  • Wave Anatomy

  • No Demand No Supply (VSA) 

  • Anchored VWAP

TradingView Platform

Indicators for TrandingView

  • Weis Wave with  Speed Index - Signals overlaying  and analyzing  waves on your chart. Display Speed Index, Volume, Pips, numbar of bars on each price wave swing. Powerful Speed Index Patterns "Plutus,Plutus Reversal, Wyckoff Spring and Up-Thrust".

  • Weis Wave - Wave Types. Select up to 5 different wave types for your cumulative histogram. Available wave types: Volume, Pips, Progressive Volume Rate, Time and Emphasized Volume.

Free  Blog with Forecasts

Trading Signals Up and Down

Become a member and enjoy free:

  • Training of  how to read the market

  • Training material for the Indicators

  • Training material of Wyckoff patterns confirmed by Plutus signals

  • Trade Forecasts

Training and Vip Discord Channel



  • Training comes for free if you you are an owner of Weis Wave with Speed Index lifetime package or yearly subscription.

  • Training even for Non Weis Wave  Speed Index owners or for small package subscriptions owners is available. Two hour of coaching of the trading methodology and Wyckoff concepts I use.

Discord Vip Channel

  • Access to discord VIP-SI-TRADERS channel 

  • The creator of Weis Wave with Speed Index is reading the market for you!

  • Forex Trading 

  • Analyzing 21 pairs  using the Weis Wave with Speed Index methodology in 1Hr timeframe charts or tick charts to post potential trades

  • Using Plutus signals for entries

  • Support  - chat with the creator  on actual trades


Men in a Meeting- Support

Always There for you

  • Free support to all my clients

  • For clients purchasing Weis Wave with Alert (+Speed Index) lifetime or yearly subscription - Free one to one 2 hour coaching on setting up the indi and the trading methodology I use.

  • Private Live Community Chat  sharing trades at the SI traders Discord channel

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