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Another Major Update - All in One

Weis Wave with Alert v7.0 for MT4 and v6.0 for MT5, I have called these versions

"All in One"

What's New:

  • There is no need to use Weis Pip Wave anymore because it is included in the Weis Wave with Alert.

  • The previous version Weis Wave with Alert had a parameter called Volume Filter, this parameter has changed name and it now called Wave Type. As the name implies you can choose what values the cumulative histogram will display. The options are the following:

0 - Regular Volume

1 - Pips (new) , replaces the Weis Pip Wave indicator

2 - Progressive Volume Rate

3- Time (new), you can now display time waves

4. Emphasized Volume Waves.

I am sure you have to ajust your template. Four Speed Index can be displayed now for Wave Type options 0, 2, 3 and 4 but since they have not been explored I suggest use Speed Index display only when Wave Type = 0 (this is where Plutus patterns have been tested) .

Explanation video:




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