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APRIL 2023 - Financial Results - My worst month but money management did the job!!!

I am posting my results to prove that even with many mistakes and poor performance with proper money management you can still make money. My Equity grew by 10%. April started very well growing my equity fast and then disaster. What happened? Well Easter vacation happened and lot's of time programming the indicators for TradingView, out of focus, to much fun and not following the rules , moving stop loss , leaving trades open ........The mistakes I used to do when I was young.

Let's Analyze

Profit Factor = profit/loss =1.19 terrible, I average about 1.6 Drawdown= 18.16% completely unacceptable. This is were you move your stop loss thinking that price will hit the next level (sup/res/fib) and turn in your favor, wrong!!! I make this mistakes too once in a while. Total Trades = 49 which means about 2-3-per day due to vacation- with my trading methodology on 1HR charts I consider between 2-6 per day to be ok, more than 6 you might be overtrading. Profit Trades= 40.82% Loss Trades= 59.18% which means that with a success rate of 41% all the work was done by RR and even though I have made mistakes. I hope this helps your psychology and trading. This is also is to prove that trading is more psychology than system

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