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AUDCAD - Everybody was there Wyckoff, Weis and Plutus, this is a Case Study!

This story is very important because it demonstrates a classic Wyckoff Up-thrust, confirmed by Change in Behavior and a Plutus pattern.

  1. We have hit a Major Resistance coming from the Daily Chart

  2. On the second hit we have a false Break = Wyckoff's Up-thrust

  3. On the third up move Change on Behavior of SI - Very High SI of 26.3 -Nothing like that on all the up moves.

  4. Finally Plutus Reversal Short - PRS

What else do you need to enter Short????

There was also a second possible entry after a visible Effort versus Result = Hard to Move up and a Plutus Short on the Exit from the range.

That is the Magic of reading the chart with this tool. Enjoy!



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