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AUDNZD - Plutus Reversal Short on Fib and 30 pips so far.

Our Story:

  1. We have hit the Fib Area for a second time

  2. High Seller Volume with linear pips move and then retraced to Fib

  3. High Seller Volume again and retraced to Fib again. If you notice there are two Plutus Reversal Long patterns on the way up. Before taking the Longs you should have been aware that there is this Fib coming up - so is it worth the Risk-Reward?

  4. Hard Time to Move up Waves

  5. Plutus Reversal Short with SI ratio 25.9/4.8>2 right on Fib Area

So enter Short, 1st order closed with 30 pips profit (visible on chart), 2nd and 3rd running.



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