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AUDNZD - Smart Money needs time to absorb your orders - Learn to identify them by reading the chart

One of the most common mistakes that retail traders do is that they are analyzing of what is happening in the price chart now while they should have been looking left (what has happen 2-6 days back).

Why? Because Smart Money needs time to absorb retail orders.

This is a small story (chart reading)

  1. This is where it all started (just before reaching a significant level) , Smart money started absorbing all your buy orders with sell orders. The actual move took place after 3 days. And someone whould say , "Ah that was the NZD news", no they were positioned long before the news for the Short.

  2. Then we had a Push down just before the hit of the Resistance Level which also was a Fib 61.8 level (confluence) . They just love these places.

  3. After the hit of the Resistance Level a PS and a Hard to Move Wave

and down we go with more Plutus Patterns providing the timing and confirming my previous reading of the chart.

Just beautiful !!! This is the magic!!!



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