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EURAUD - That was easy if you know how to read the waves and SI. This is how to read it!!!!

The Story

We have hit a Resistance - Usually sellers might show up in a resistance level because you have been trained to do so, robots are also entering at these levels. Are they visible? Sometimes they are, this is how to spot them:

Indication 1: Abnormal SI on the up wave of 21.9 = HTMU (Hard to Move Up=sellers absorbing all the buy orders). Is there any other up trend wave with such a Speed Index? No!!!. That's exactly what is called "Change in Behavior".

Indication 2: Largest down wave after a long time with Normal SI of 16.7 = easy move = market agrees.

Indication 3: A small up wave with Abnormal SI of 24.4 HTMU (Hard to Move Up= more sellers absorbing all the buy orders)

Indication 4: PRS - Plutus Reversal Short signal - confirming all the previous logic

.....and where is our target? Exactly where buyers might show up, where else Fib level. You have been trained to enter at these levels.


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