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EURCAD - Abnormal SI gave the signal three days back to get ready! The result 227 pips

The story:

  1. We have hit a Resistance Level - nothing funny so far - normal SI 45.2 - nice up wave

  2. After the hit we are coming down with a small down wave with normal SI 51.1 - nothing funny either.

  3. Then trying to go up again, since buyers come on pullbacks to enter and continue the up trend. Sorry but this were smart-money comes in absorbs all the buy orders with sell orders and we get this Abnormal Speed Index of 132.1 (nothing like that on the entire chart- this is where the funny story begins). Therefore Abnormal SI is alerting us that something is cooking. Do not worry you have plenty of time this abnormal SI has started to form 5 days back, just get your alerts ready.

Now let's analyze the entry:

The entry is always provided on a lower timeframe in order to catch most of the move. In this case this is an approximate 1HR tick chart. The entry is a classic Exit from Range trade for the si traders. We enter after we break the range marked in yellow with a Plutus signal. The signal was a PRS.

The rest is history , 227 pips to Fib within 1.5 days

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