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EURCAD - Yesterday's tip to my VIPs, performed as expected.

Yesterday's tip to enter Long on that Exit from Range with Plutus performed exactly as expected, targeting 50Fib (am I correct Stefan?)

The Story starts by looking Left:

  1. First reaction when we hit Support was with a HTMD SI 23.1 and then PRL signal to go long (look left)

  2. Coming back down to Support re-test the level and .....

  3. Abnormal SIs HTMD 21.3, PU 22.1 and HTMD 20.6 at support

  4. Finally Plutus signals for long with a PRL after the 14.1

with an early Entry 1 the profit at 155 pips with and RR:6.2 with a late Entry 2 the profit at 102pips and RR: 1.3

1 comment

1 Comment

Well, I personally targeted fib 61.8 and got out at B/E. Too greedy? I don't think so, just didn't see the fib 50 as a particularly strong rejection level. I was wrong

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