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EURGBP - Cato and Jason got this early morning 85 pips. Jason's analysis attached.

Jason quotes on our selective member chat group:

"EURGBP Another successful trade today . I had noticed some high SI numbers at the lows the last 2 days indicating a change of behaviour . A PL pattern developed today and an easy 85 pips. These indicators have literally changed my trading ,They are simply stunning. Takis you sir are a genius. Thank you."

I will try to elaborate a bit more on Jason's analysis. Apart from what Jason mentions which is correct I would like to point out that the structure after the High Si's and before the Plutus Long pattern, that fake fast move down is a classic Wyckoff Spring.

Ps. One small typo on chart: the highlighted down wave should have been annotated as "Hard to Move Dn".

Thank you for sharing Jason!



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