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EURGBP - Multiple Patterns -Forecast Correct 40 PIPS-TRADING WITH WEIS WAVE WITH SPEED INDEX 18 June

Setup : 1Hour Chart Indicators: Weis Pip Wave, Weis Wave with Alert (+Speed Index) and No Demand No Supply (


Based on previous post, forecast correct 40 pips on 1rst order up to resistance , second order closed (stoploss hit) on Interest Rate Decision news - visible on chart

  1. We have hit Fib and started moving up, then retraced back to 50% Fib  and all the nice patterns start to appear.

  2. Plutus Reversal Long SI ratio 20.1/3.8=5.3

  3. Plutus Reversal Long SI ratio 13.3/5.9=2.3

  4. Plutus Reversal Long SI ratio 54.6/5.4=10.1

  5. Plutus Long SI ration 31.5/8.6= 3,6

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Jun 22, 2020

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