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EURNZD - Could be getting ready for Long

This is the story (Bullets on chart explained):

  1. This where there was their first buying

  2. They retraced back to the same level - and looks like buyers showed up again

  3. This could be a push up (and not hard to move up)

  4. If we break this blue line we go Long , especially if it accompanied with a pattern (Plutus or Plutus Reversal Long), otherwise do nothing for the time being

  5. First target the next blue line around 60 pips

  6. Second target the next bluw line around 130 pips.

Enter Long only on Break of 4. because we could start ranging for a while. Remember the Follow strategy "Let them do what they have to do and then follow them".

The signs are for Long but why risk it, be patient.

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