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Follow up: Wk21 2022 Forecast Progress, Total Score !

CADJPY was missing from our scoreboard and after it's move the scoreboard is complete.

Total score =CADJPY+NZDCAD+EURJPY+GBPUSD+AUDCAD= 68+41-65+65+55 = 164 PIPS, not bad for a day and I half. Of course these are not all the trades, these are only the forecasted pairs. I will post some of today's trades.

CADJPY this was my quote on the first post and the chart: "CADJPY is coming from an Abnormal SI from Daily which has retraced to Fib and now on the last two bars the wave-line cannot touch properly yet but if it does it is going to another Abnormal SI. On the the tick below is the forecast for Short - Immediate entry on Monday and 1st Target at least to Support around 120 pips."


and this is what happened

The Daily - I promised an Abnormal SI and this is it 82.9

The H4

The H1 - PS showing the way

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