GBPAUD Analysis on Daily - for Samit

Our Story.

  1. There are two Support Levels coming from the left (not visible on chart)

  2. We are also sitting in between 50 and 61.8 Fib coming from the monthly chart

  3. Very Very High Volume with Small Pip Move - Buying is coming in.

  4. Very High SI of 64.3 at the bottom nothing like that on all the down moves - that's a change in behavior - Buying is already there.

All the incredients point for Long , but this could start ranging for a while and we do not take decisions to enter by looking at the Daily , we analyze lower timeframes . Furthermore since our strategy is to "FOLLOW" the smartmoney, let them do what the they have to do and then follow - so let's see some nice up waves on 1HR or 4HR.

Enjoy the Magic of Speed Index!!!

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