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GBPJPY - Breaking Major Resistance - This is how - 40 pips and running.

Our Story:

  1. We have hit a Major Resistance coming from Weekly and Daily - very crucial point to reverse but...

  2. Hard time to move down - but we do not know it when it happens because it could be a push down

  3. Plutus Reversal Long with SI ratio 85.9/8.1>2

  4. Plutus Long with SI ratio 58.2/10.1 >2

  5. Plutus Long with SI ratio 23.2/6.1 >2

... and then US news and up we go - orders visible on chart. I hope somebody else got this, it was very clear. This how it looked like on the 4HR chart with two Plutus Reversal Longs

Order 1 will be closed now, and the rest move stop loss to break even.

This is the magic of Speed Index. Enjoy!



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