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GBPJPY - Triple Plutus patterns just kept going 225 pips - TRADING WITH WEIS WAVE WITH SPEED INDEX


Hit Support and started going up

  1. On Retracement hit the Fib and the question was "Is this Fib going to hold? and the answer was given by our famous patterns formed.

  2. Triple Pattern Formation: Plutus Reversal Short with SI ratio 12.7/2.9= 4.4, Plutus Short 14.2/6.4= 2.2 and last Plutus Reversal Short 16.5/7.2= 2.3 

Three short patterns and down we go 70-90 pips . First order closed with 70 pips profit and second on still running (visible on chart). This is the Magic of Speed Index! Enjoy!

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