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Homework: GBPCHF H4 Analysis

  1. We have hit a Supply Line coming from twe Weekly Chart

  2. After a couple of touched in the supply line the up waves have higher SIs than all previous up waves (36.9 & 65.0) and that is a Change in Behavior which also in this case is, Hard to Move Up

  3. A nice Plutus Reversal Short was formed

  4. Nice down wave with linear pip move

  5. Plutus Short Pattern on the way up

Conclusion, my bias is Short (I am actually short from last week) all it is left is to break that Support Level.

PS. The only thing that concerns me is that if I analyze the same story on Stefan's chart I do not get points 2. & 3. , meaning there are no Hard Time to Move Up Waves, High SIs as well as a Plutus Rerversal Short.

All this is because of diferrent broker volume (Stefan's broker vs. my broker), I guess we are going to see who has the best broker after this move finishes.



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