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Isn't nice to be able to read the charts instead of signal following of an indicator ? Poll below!

All below is reading:

  1. First chart (4HR tick chart) is the forecast that a Wyckoff Spring is occurring

  2. Second Chart is the result of the Wyckoff Spring 160 pips which was also expected to find sellers at top which a resistance level.

  3. Third chart (1HR tick ) is a pullback on Fib after the previous Resistance where we had an Exit from a Fib Ranging Environment.

Therefore is like a book , first page, second page, third page, etc. The good thing is that you do not have to read many pages to trade.

So let's do a poll.

Please vote but also comment because it seems that the Wix poll is not functioning. Not the first time wix is not working properly.

Weis Wave Owners - After training, are you reading charts or following signals from an indicator?

  • 0%Reading

  • 0%Following Signals


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First I read the charts and then follow the signals in confluence..

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Me gusta

Your efforts make all the difference!

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Thank you Stefan, you always appreciated my work! Please vote on the poll.

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