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MAY 2022 Financial Results Analysis.

I am posting my results to prove that with proper money management you can make money with success rate less than 50%. This was a bad month because my success rate was below 63% which is my average but also because I had a high drawdown, nevertheless I have grew my balance by 25%.

Let's Analyze

Profit Factor = profit/loss =1.33 not bad but it could be better I average about 1.6

Drawdown= 17.87% this is way too high should be less than 5%, ideally 3%. This is were you move your stop loss thinking that price will hit the next level (sup/res/fib) and turn in your favor, wrong!!! I make mistakes too.

Total Trades = 109 which means about 5 per day - with my trading methodology on 1HR charts I consider between 2-6 per day to be ok, more than 6 you might be overtrading.

Profit Trades= 47.71% which means that the nice RR and proper placing of stop-loss and target did all the work. Otherwise with 47% success + Spread+ Commission our balance would have been way down.

Consecutive profit=10

Consecutive loss=8 - Do not get disappointed on high consecutive losses , stick to your system.

I hope this helps your psychology and trading.

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