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Monday 17/8 Trade- EURCAD - This is Why!!!

Our Story: We have hit Resistance and Retrace

  1. Retracement to Fib Area

  2. Hit TurnCoat Resistance that became Support

  3. Buyers at the bottom

  4. Pluts Long with SI ratio 39.2/12.7=3,1

  5. Buyers at the bottom agaim

  6. Plutus Long on more time with SI Ratio of 23.5/8.4= 2,8

  7. Buyers Pushing on the Break Line

What else do you need!!! This is High Probability Success Trade!!!

This is the Magic of Speed Index.

1 comment

1 Comment

The SI ratios decode the shortening of thrust (SOT) that david weis teaches in his webinars. Good work with those SI ratios

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