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My Actual June 2021 Results

The reason I am posting my results is not to brag but to encourage people that it is possible to read the market and with proper money management to be highly profitable.

Let's analyze the numbers:

  • Number of traders in 22 forex days: 76 which is 3.45 trades/day

  • Win rate (success rate) is at 63.16%= 63 out of my 100 decisions were correct.

  • Profit Factor=Gross Profit/Gross Loss at 3.41 which means even though my success rate is "only" at 63.13% proper Risk / Reward plus position sizing created that incredible 3.41. By the way, all experienced traders know that the 63.16% success rate is quite high.

  • Drawdown at 5.15% = peanuts

All the above I believe it shows proper trading methodology.

Technical Analysis by itself is not enough, technical analysis with proper money management produces the desired results.

Wish you to beat the forex monster!

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Outstanding results

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