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New Group Chat Service for selected Members

I am happy to announce that a Group Chat Service has been created for the following reasons:

  1. Help each other with potential trades - multiple eyes are better than two - you are able to chat as well as upload images.

  2. Ask any question that others can also benefit from the answer.

Furthermore, if you like to get notified when somoene posts on your mobile, please inform me so that I can send you a Wix app invitation that will enable you to get instant notification and access.

The Group Chat Service is available only to members that have purchased at least Weis Wave with Speed Index and they are active on the blog.

Since Mql5 does not provide me with the information of who has purchased I have not added quite a few people that own Weis Wave with Speed Index. Please provide me with proof of purchase from the Mql5 site if you would like to added to this service.

I hope this service to be beneficial to all.

Enjoy and ...


2 commentaires

Hi Satish the honour is mine. You are already setup as a member. Would you like me to send you an invitation for your mobile?


Hi takis. It would be an honour to be part of this. As you know i dont trade currencies but i will be happy to participate. Looking forward

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