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Next Week Monitor

Some of the many

EURUSD - From one Fib to the other. High Volume and Abnormal SIs in both the down and the up forming wave. Patience for move.

AUDNZD: Looks like an upthrust with a fast and a slow but happening at no significant location plus we had all short of news on Friday, therefore I would wait to break below the 50EMA ( Break rectangle).

GBPAUD - at a very significant level bouncing in 222pips pips range. I was expecting it to break upwards but it did not. Anything is possible - Monitor the Exit from the range.

GBPNZD - Plutus says Short on Fib- but move to BE soon that bottom is holding so far.

EURCAD - Possible Wyckoff Spring , I would wait to close above 50 EMA Entry 1 to enter Long but with caution because the down move started with a high down wave.

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