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Next Week Monitor

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

These are some of the opportunities coming up for next week.

EURUSD might form a Wyckoff Spring, I will enter long if we break shortly that yellow thin rectangle

EURCAD This is a 1HR tick chart an EURCAD has retraced to Fib, last down wave shows an abnormal SI but is still forming, therefore patience. We could be having a HTMD but it has to prove itself.

GBPUSD This FD could result in a Wychoff Spring but it has to prove itself - no entry yet - Location is nice but let see it happening .

GBPAUD Abnormal SIs - Long is the forecast but I will seek proper entry on the 1HR or tick

GBPCAD - coming down on Fib second time with an abnormal SI but still forming. This could also result in Wyckoff Spring on Fib.

GBPNZD We are coming from a Wyckoff Spring at the bottom on 1HR chart (old annotations at bottom) - Forecast is still Long if we break the resistance!



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