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Next Week Monitor - Get ready, lot's of opportunities everywhere, full of Wyckoff!!!

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

EURNZD -Coming after a Wyckoff Up-Thrust but with some heavy volume, I expected it to continue, some retracement would help.

Looks like JPY is getting strentgh everywhere.

GBPJPY, we have a Wyckoff UpThrust in the background. We have started moving up after a Fib hit but it looks now that we are having a Hard time to continue up and started ranging. This is a possible short on range break!


High SI of 44.2 at Support Level , to Monitor (no entry yet), entries according to 1HR or 4HR

Another JPY

AUDJPY -Retracing from a Wyckoff up Thrust , this 27. SI could be a push down and this fast up wave could be fake, therefore Short if we break the blue. Of course another support level is very close, you have to decide to take the risk of entry or not.

AUDCAD on Daily

Our background is a Wyckoff Spring at the bottom with a Double HTMD abnormal SIs and a PRL. Now we have just hit 61.8, I will go Long if we break 61.8 Upwards, always looking at the 1HR or 4HR.

JPY again

USDJPY - Classic Wuckoff -Upthrust at resisance level and now has a bit broken 61.8, look at you 1HR or 4HR and enter Short is they confirm.

USDCAD - Weekly looks like getting ready for explosion but still forming- below is the 4HR

USDCAD H4 - Considering the above and Plutus at botttom, I will go Long on Break of blue line

Another JPY

CADJPY - Abnormal SI of 106.6 and we started moving down easily and I think we will continue. Close to Fib, risk it or not - up to you.

I think that's Enough!!!

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