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Next Week Monitor - Plenty of opportunities are coming up.

Always note that some high SIs are formed on Fridays since lot's of people are closing positions.

GBPAUD Abnormal SIs at Support , this could be both the first PUs since we are at the bottom but also HTMU therefore patience! Wait for the Break Up or Down and justify it on lower timeframe (1HR).

AUDUSD Approaching a Resistance level, to monitor anything is possible. Strong up trend with some stalling on the last up wave but then again could be Friday closing positions.

AUDJPY High SIs at top, on is stil forming, no other weakness so far except the High SIs. Approaching resistance level. An up trend like this (all nice green up waves do not change that easy to red).

EURAUD - Nice down trend (all red) coming down easily, no buying so far, but approaching 61.8, be aware!

USDCAD - At Support with high SI on 2HR tick chart -High up wave on first touch with Support but anything is possible here also, switch to 1HR tick or 1HR TF and look for the proper justified entry

NZDJPY at Resistance Level with a high SI (12.8) as the only weakness, patience let it roll, this a strong up-trend and it will not change that easy.

NZDUSD in between 50 and 61.8 - not clear yet

EURGBP The 1HR always a mess , looking at the Daily we have some Abnormal SIs - therefore marked a significant zone in between the two yellow thick lines. Monitoring for the Exit when it happens.



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