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NZDUSD - This up move was expected 75 pips, this is Why!

The story:

All the nice tools were pointing the furure move.

  1. The progressive volume rate informed us of high volume coming in.

  2. Plutus Long appeared

  3. The nice down volume wave with a small pip move provided us with the Effort vs. Result

  4. Finnaly the Plutus Reversal Long

After all this where would the price go?????????

This is the Magic of Reading the charts with these tools and this is the Magic of Speed Index. Enjoy Speed Index people!



No obligation to buy what so ever you can monitor the blog, just have in mind that the offer ends 28/2/2021 and the price will go back to 420$ and I will not be discounting for a very long long time.


I have spend this months sparemoney on other indicators. Hopefully around next paycheck ;)


It is noting a change in behavior compared to previous progressive volume rate waves, it is an alert for us that high volume is coming in. If this volume is buying or selling will be identified by the next moves-waves (in the specific case it is more obvious that is buying because it is at the bottom of the range with a false break and coming in back to the range). Another way to utilize this progressive volume rate is as an exit from a trade - as the wave goes along you see for example that the progressive volume rate is increasing, that is also an alert and may be it is time to exit.

Stefan these lessons cost…


Ah! Indeed it does


This is a new version that I am working on, Stefan (it is not Live yet), and it is under testing , but on the right it says WT (which means Wave Type) and Pips, Vol, Progr. Rate.

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