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Pole Question to my fellow Speed Index traders!!!

Please pay attention to the following question:

If I was to update the indicator having an alert whenever there is a Plutus or Plutus Reversal will you respect the rules for the Speed Index Patterns or are you going to trade every alert you get (and fail of course)?

Please comment/pole on this post.

PS. I have this almost ready for MT4 and I am just afraid to release it.


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I think that's a big improvement and will make identifying opportunities to assess a lot quicker. Sometimes you can get chart blindness and overlook setups to assess. It should also help stimulate discussion about the set up when alerted as we should be getting pretty much the same alerts on common pairs.

Me gusta

Personally I use the patterns for confirmation after Wyckoff and Weis have made their entry. And I have already wasted a bit of money by jumping in too fast...

Correction: not "a bit" but too much!

Me gusta

I think an excellent idea but like you mention blind trading every pattern will fail so rules still need to be adhered to.

Me gusta
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