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Proud to announce Weis Wave with Alert MT4 v8.0 the Automated Plutus Pattern Signal Alerts are here.

May the Plutus Greek God of Wealth be with you!

Plutus Patterns Signal Alerts have being added to the indicator. No need to scan your charts for Plutus Patterns, just setup the alert and you are ready to get notified.

These are high probability Long and Short trade entries but not by themselves . These signals provide the timing of entry when the story is right.

Recommended settings (manual has been updated):

  • Show Plutus Signal=true

  • SI Ratio =2.0

  • Min Wave Bars = This is the total number of bars of both waves forming the pattern. I recommend 4 when trading the 1HR, 3 when trading higher TFs. The smaller the TF you are trading the higher the number.

  • Finally adjust how you would like to get Alerted.


  • The higher the number of bar of the two waves the larger the moves

  • Do not consider a Signal as correct when ranging only when exiting the range.

  • Refer to the blog and the site on how to trade the Plutus patterns

  • Improper Wave-line swings not touching price highs and lows means wrong volume waves, wrong pip waves, wrong Speed Index and wrong Plutus patterns.

Only Available for MT4 for now!

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