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Smart Money Prepositioning before news, US Interest rates - Visible??? Yes, Plutus was there!!!

Why such a big move, Interest rates were expected to be at 0.25%? Because Smart Money were positioned to strengthen USD. There were absorbing all the buy with sell orders little by little with a lot of patience.

EURUSD -Speed Index 45.5, nothing like that on the up moves on the entire chart and that is my friends "Change in Behavior" and in this case Smart Money Selling. Finally Plutus shows the entry with PRS.

GBPUSD - Warned my VIP members yesterday that a big move was eminent. Situtation similar to EU but on the 4HR. Speed index of 115, nothing like that on the up moves, "Change in Behavior" , Hard to Move Up Wave (absorbing all the buy orders) and then Plutus appeared with a PRS


Similar as above with a High SI of 17.8 and a Huge Up volume wave with a small pip move = Hard to move up.



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