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The Magic of Speed Index

I wanted to write about how my trading has changed in the 6 months I have been using the Indicators. I have been trading on and off for 5 years using every method known to mankind and to be honest with no success.

By chance, and luck I stumbled on a review of the Weis Wave method. A method that is taught by the owner Takis. The review said the owner was very helpful and would guide and help you to understand the system. This appealed to me as I am not very quick at picking up things. This is not just a set of indicators it is an education. It is an education by a real professional, someone who understands how markets work.

My trading is now profitable, it has been for 5 straight months, I trade every day now in the knowledge that the methods I use are highly likely to be successful. This is a great felling and one that was unfamiliar to me not so long ago.

Why am I writing this you may ask ? It is to say, if there are any struggling traders out there, just like I was 6 months ago wondering are these indicators worth the money . Well for me they have been the best investment I have ever made, they have literally changed my life and if I can do that so can anyone.

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1 Comment

Thank you for your words Jason. The truth is that you are one of the people that got the methodology really fast.

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