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THE RESULTS: It's been almost two months for the VIP SI traders Discord channel, this is the outcome

Let' start by explaining what is the VIP SI traders channel (SI= Speed Index)

The VIP SI traders channel is a Discord channel with a monthly paid subscription were I share some of my actual trades starting from the entry and ending with result.

There are two posts for each trade:

  1. The Entry post showing the entry, the stop loss and the target (explaining the entry)

  2. The Result of the trade


The Entry Post

The Result Post

After two months of operation these are actual results and a summary of the trades I posted (of course these are not all my trades). The calculations are based on the following assumptions: Starting Equity : 10.000€, Fixed Drawdown of 2% (stop loss = 2% of current equity), broker commission, swap or spread are not calculated.

The summary of 58 trades

The excel file with actual Actual Trades and the Analysis (if you wish to further analyze)

Vip Traders records
Download XLSX • 41KB



Personally the total profits are not so important, but the RR are!


Great with the sheet!

Replying to

You are in this channel, so you know if these results are true or fake

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