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To Monitor wk23 2022

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

This is again a risky forecast because we had two days Thursday and Friday with bank Holiday in UK therefore charts and SIs could be distorted. If I just read what I see without any skepticism then this is my forecast. These are a few possible opportunities.

EURAUD - 1HR tick chart. It looks that EUR is gaining some strength over AUD, Abnormal SIs everywhere after hitting Fib. I am waiting for a PL or PRL to enter Long otherwise no entry.

AUDJPY 30min tick chart. AUD looks tired but JPY has been very weak also. There is a major resistance level approximately 100-130 pips above the range. Anything is possible here, I will wait for the exit and if it is with a Plutus signal whatever the direction I will take it.

AUDNZD - 1HR tick chart . We have hit a major Resistance, my Bias is Short but I will wait the Exit.

EURCAD - 30min tick - We have hit support and the reaction was the largest up wave after many days. After a day and half we are retesting this level with some high SIs on the down waves which means that these could Hard to Move Down (buying on the way down). My Bias is Long and I will enter on Scenario 1 and Scenario 2 , I will not enter on Scenario 3.

USDJPY - Just hit Major Resistance - The last down wave with SI 33.3 shows change in behavior but is still forming therefore and it is too early to say that we are going for a trend change. I am also attaching the TF chart which also shows huge volume on the last up wave which could be sellers in there. No Trade yet, monitoring !!!

NZDCAD - on the 1st touch of 61.8 FIb we had buyers (VIPS know exactly what that pattern is) then sellers on the up move and now touching 61.8 again with abnormal SI. Patience let it play out

USDCAD - VIPs know that is a high success rate pattern for Long but what worries me is that is happening at no critical location, unless I am missing something.


3 Comments should charge for your analysis 👌👌👌 Simply Amazing !!

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Divyesh you know I enjoy helping people, but maybe I should charge. The only reason would be just because quite a few people do not appreciate when they receive something for free.


Thank you for the analysis, Takis

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