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To Monitor wk25 2022

These are some possible trades for next week. Monday could be slow since US has a bank holiday, but this is forex we might get all the action during London. A lot of Abnormal SIs with some at critical levels.

AUDJPY - Abnormal SIs 31.5 and 74.6 but this is one still forming, the forecast is still vague here not entry yet we could start ranging also. Patience!

GBPCAD 4HR tick chart - After the Huge up move we are pulling back but with a High forming SI so far of 21.2. By bias is Long and this high SI could be HTMD getting ready for another leg up, but let's see it first. I will go Long if we break that blue line resistance level with a pattern.

EURUSD - We had a nice up wave reaction (volume and price) after hitting Fib. The High SI wave of 28.5 is still forming therefore nothing is confirmed, we could start ranging or could create a PRL break on blue line resistance where I will go long if it happens.

EURJPY - High SI of 25.3 at Fib Area - I will wait for the Exit from Range, hopefully with a pattern.

CADJPY - We have hit a Fib area and started ranging. Last forming wave has an abnormal SI (not confirmed yet since it is forming). My Bias is Short and I will enter if we get a PRS breaking the range. Another scenario would be to start ranging.

GBPJPY - Similar story to CADJPY


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Hello Takis... As always amazing analysis..!! could you please share your analysis on USDCAD. 4 hr chart

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Thank you so much !!

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