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TradingView - Special Price for existing customers!!!

There has been an interest from some of you to get Weis Wave with Speed Index for TradingView.

Since you have already trusted me with the MT4 or MT5 version you are entitled for a much better price. Therefore you will get the TradingView at half price from 499$, your price will be 249$ but before making this choice you need to be informed about the differences between the MT4/5 version TradingView verion. Trandiview version includes two indicators due to technical reasons. Wave Types indicator draws the cumulative histograms and Signals indicator draws the waveline and displays Speed Index , Plutus etc. I have tried to make the TradingView version with less unnecessary features that Metatrader has. The table below compares them. Furthermore, the TradingView version does not display any information or Speed Index on the forming wave, which personally I think is good because I think we were biased and took decisions by looking the forming Speed Index which is wrong.

Let me also suggest the following for people that would like to test it before purchasing: Subscribe to the Lite package to get the 7 day trial. Cancel subscription before the 7th day so you do not get charged and then contact me to arrange pricing.

To get your trial :

Short Video:

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